Risk Assessments

Our expert team of compliance consultants focus on information security audits. We offer a variety of audits, assessments and penetration testing.

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Our solution includes assessing policies, procedures and evidence of operational compliance, along with an actionable plan that you can manage directly in our cloud-based healthcare compliance software. Our Risk Assessment process makes managing your compliance program simple and affordable. Our team of experts are right by your side, guiding you through the process to build and maintain your compliance program and make it part of your culture.

HIPAA Risk Assessment

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) required the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to develop regulations protecting the privacy and security of certain health information. The Privacy and Security rules were passed to protect is your/my/everyone’s healthcare data, commonly referred to as Protected Health Information (PHI). Although HIPAA has requirements, it is a non-standardized and non-prescriptive compliance framework.

PCI DSS Compliance

With our Solution you will be able to successfully manage and monitor your Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliance and alignment centrally. We perform GAP Analysis against the PCI-DSS standard, develops remediation plans, centralize the list of action items, and manages compliance with PCI-DSS requirements. We are continuously updated to the latest versions of PCI-DSS that are released.

NIST 800-171/CMMC Level 3 Compliance

Organizations should not only be aware of their organizational risks, but also have a risk mitigation plan for responding to them when they occur. CMMC Level 3 requirements include defining risk categories, identifying sources of risks, and specific risk measurement criteria are included in the risk assessment. Risk assessments should be performed periodically to identify potential risks and mitigate the recurrence of an incident.

We walk through how the vulnerability or threat will be reduced, including actions that will limit the organizations risk exposure by implementing Controls and assigning staff to action items on the mitigation plan. The Implementation plan includes the resources required for the plan, timelines, tracking, and measuring.


HITRUST CSF enabling organizations to leverage a single risk assessment to obtain a standardized report against a common set of security and privacy controls for an “assess once, report many”. The HITRUST CSF is the most widely adopted controls framework in the healthcare industry. The framework is also recognized as ‘suitable criteria’ for producing an AICPA SOC 2 report. Our HITRUST compliance solution includes: Risk analysis, completed by our healthcare compliance consultants, based on HITRUST requirements Risk management Documentation management Task management Dashboards and summaries

Penetration Testing

By enrolling in our BSB service, you will secure PEAK IT’s one hour guaranteed response to emergency issues. Your issues are our priority. Unlike other providers, our response time is tracked and they are reported monthly. While our guaranteed response time is one hour for emergency service requests, our 2-year average has been less than 15 minutes for both emergency and non-emergency situations.

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