Enterprise Security Awareness Training

Engaging and practical sessions designed to help you build a cyber-aware organization

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Enterprise Security Awareness Training

In an age where information is a prized commodity, your business is constantly at risk of social engineering threats designed to steal your mission-critical data. Investing in advanced security tools is part of the solution, but maintaining a workforce that can recognize the latest online threats and respond appropriately is another key factor that’ll keep your organization safe from ever-evolving threats.

Peak IT’s Enterprise Security Awareness Training offers a simple and effective solution to developing a vigilant workforce. Our program covers:

Baseline Testing

Our baseline testing helps you determine the percentage of your users that show the tendency to fall victim to scams, using a simulated phishing, vishing (voice phishing), or smishing (SMS phishing) attack.

Content Library

We offer an extensive library of relevant, on-demand security awareness training content which includes interactive modules, demonstration videos, scenario-based exercises, and games that ensure maximum engagement for users with all levels of cybersecurity knowledge.

Simulated Phishing

Test your employees with thousands of simulated phishing scenarios. You can track if a user clicks open or replies to a simulated attack, select your correction, and adjust your training program for optimal results.

Cybersecurity Training Reporting

Gain more insight into your organization’s cybersecurity awareness with our granular performance reports and individual user results.


Cybersecurity overview

A detailed big picture about the latest cyberthreats, the damage they can cause, and why it’s important for your employees to keep up good cyber hygiene habits


Secure web browsing

Proven best practices that include everything from looking for HTTPS to running a threat scan before every download to improving browser security settings, and more


Email protection

How to recognize phishing and other malicious email scams, prevent outbound data leakage, and keep inboxes free of spam


Password best practices

Why reusing passwords is dangerous, what hackers do with stolen digital credentials, and how to create different, strong passwords for each app with no hassles or headaches


Effective threat remediation

What to do and which in-house team to contact should your staff notice suspicious activity or a cyberattack taking place within your networks

Why is it important to keep your employees up to date with the latest cyberthreats?

Human error is among the major causes behind crippling security breaches and other cyberattacks that have cost countless companies massive losses and even put many of them out of business. As such, your employees are one of your most powerful defenses against cyberattacks.

This means that by ensuring your staff are up to date with the latest, most effective ways to spot and respond to threats, you minimize the risks of losing critical business data, severing hard-earned client trust, or shutting down for good.

Why choose Enterprise Security Awareness Training from Peak IT?

  • Easy, on-demand access – enable your staff to learn during their most productive hours and at their own pace
  • Up-to-date, relevant content – our lessons cover both the basics and the most recent security trends in a language and format that is easily understandable for all users
  • A variety of simulated phishing tests – our real-world simulations give management visibility into employee vulnerabilities and help them tackle the loopholes effectively
  • Massive cost savings – a cyber-aware workforce will save you from potential noncompliance fines, productivity losses, and so much more

Do you want a clear road map to meet and maintain your compliance requirements?

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