VoIP – Voice over IP

In the fast-paced business world of the digital age, traditional telephone technology is not sufficient. You need the enhanced capability, agility, and communication quality that VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provides. But which VoIP solutions will meet your needs without bloating your budget with unnecessary add-ons? Peak IT will not only help you answer this question, we’ll also source your ideal solution, deploy and configure it, and perform maintenance so you get the maximum benefits.

We’ll deploy a VoIP solution that allows your workforce to communicate and collaborate more effectively no matter where they are. You can also improve your customer service with integrated call center solutions while gathering valuable marketing data. With VoIP solutions from Peak IT, you can increase your capabilities and productivity in hundreds of ways and still save money by eliminating bloated phone bills.

Our VoIP Solutions enable you to:

  • Easily route calls to your office to your smartphone
  • Automatically record and archive customer calls
  • Manage your call center from an intuitive desktop dashboard
  • Integrate video, voice, and text communications for better productivity and agility
  • Send and receive faxes digitally via email
  • Hold multi-user video conference calls with dozens of participants
  • And much more

Stop wasting money on a legacy phone line that doesn’t provide value – bring your communications into the digital age with Peak IT’s VoIP Solutions

The Advantages of Peak IT VOIP phones for Businesses on a Budget

Recent advances in modern communications technology have given resourceful and forward-thinking businesses the tools they need to compete in the global marketplace. This heightened flexibility, however, means IT departments now have more responsibility to stay ahead of the game. They must not only continue to fulfill the traditional role of maintaining technological infrastructure, but they must also think strategically and find new ways to leverage technology to greater advantage. In essence, they’re attempting to do more with less. And this is a game many IT departments are likely to lose. Strategic businesses, though, recognize it’s impossible for IT to adequately perform an expanded list of duties with reduced staffing and budget. That’s why these businesses choose to outsource VOIP services to PEAK IT so their internal IT can focus more effectively on efforts where IT can do the most good. Integrating a business’s entire communications framework under one interface decentralizes that system and makes it accessible from anywhere via any number of endpoints. Such increased efficiency and productivity are so widespread now, they’ve become both a standard of doing business and a competitive necessity. That’s why many businesses are no longer considering if they need UC functionality, but instead wondering how soon can they get up and running using it. Increasingly, businesses respond to the question by choosing Peak IT to provide a cost-effective solution.

This article provides an overview of what benefits are found in Peak IT's hosted voice solution, and how your business could benefit from Peak ITs Voice-over-IP (VOIP) solution.

The Instant Advantages of Voice-Over-IP

Lower Startup Costs

Unlike traditional IT solutions, VOIP doesn’t require businesses to purchase or lease any expensive equipment. This reduction in capital investment can be vital for new or smaller businesses. The only equipment purchases necessary with a hosted voice solution are the handsets themselves, and possibly a voice gateway or VoIP router. These IP phones are available in a variety of price ranges and mirror traditional handsets closely in terms of cost.

Enhanced Collaboration

Unified communications systems provide a similar sense of face-to-face interaction as traditional conferences, but UC systems do not require travel, hotels, or extended absences from the office. The process is generally so convenient that some corporations have their annual departmental, regional, and corporate conferences every month via their VOIP solution.

No Hardware Maintenance

Because Peak ITs VOIP involves no major equipment installed at your business location, it also eliminates costly maintenance. On-site maintenance of IT equipment is often time-consuming, usually expensive, and always disruptive. Because of the networked nature of Peak ITs hosted VOIP system maintenance is faster and less disruptive than its alternatives. It also, more often than not, provides businesses with more direct control over their communications than traditional systems. Business administrators can often make changes to the service themselves through a web portal.

Increased Mobility

VOIP systems run on a combination of a private intranet and the public internet, which allows the system to be configured so employees can stay connected to the corporation from anywhere with an internet connection. Thanks to mobile broadband, the proliferation of smartphones, and wireless hotspots for laptops, employees can stay connected even while in transit between locations.

Advanced Data Sharing & Analysis

Good information leads to good decisions, and bad information more often than not results in bad decisions. Data sharing and shared locations to operate from the same current and accurate information. This means members of one department are no longer dependent on members of other departments for the information they need.

Superpowered Productivity

With UC, it’s possible to not only know where any member of your team is in real-time, but it is also possible to determine the best way to reach an employee at any given time. This knowledge can significantly reduce the amount of time employees spend waiting to connect with one another, thereby boosting overall productivity. New VOIP handsets now integrate with TEAMS.

Business Continuity

With on-premises solutions, communications can be interrupted by anything from a minor equipment failure to a natural disaster such as a flood, earthquake, or fire. For most businesses, such a disruption of communication capability can be crippling. The benefit of a hosted VOIP solution in this regard is that localized problems, even catastrophic ones like flooding or fire, can have little or no impact on a business’s ability to communicate. Because all the features and functionality are hosted off-site, even in a disaster situation automated directory service and voicemail will continue to function, and employees can use alternate methods to access the network.

Lower Bills

The obvious advantage to Peak ITs VOIP solution is a reduction in telecom expenses. Peak's hosted VOIP solution allows the majority of a business’s traditional voice communications to be carried over the business’s private intranet or the public internet, eliminating the need for expensive telecom circuits like MPLS or SIP trunks.

Business Continuity

In the case of a fire, flood, or other natural disaster that damages or destroys a place of business, recovery of even partial operations can be both time-consuming and expensive. Hosted solutions reduce risk by keeping vulnerable and difficult-to-replace parts of your communications infrastructure geographically separate from the rest of your business.

Future-Proof Tech

Rapid or unpredictable growth is often a fact of life for many businesses. Because expanding or reducing the scope of service is as simple as adding or removing a phone and a service plan, hosted voice services can scale very quickly in either direction as business needs dictate. The flexibility inherent in Peak ITs hosted voice system will allow your business to more confidently make use of cutting-edge communication features.

Strategic Focus

Another significant advantage of Peak ITs VOIP solutions is that it allows your IT department to keep their focus and their time firmly directed where it will do your company the most good: on strategic planning. By moving the onus for installation and maintenance of hardware and software to PeakIT, your IT can spend their time leveraging those tools for the greatest benefit of the company.

Freedom & Flexibility

With a hosted solution, you pay only for what you use. When you adds users, you only pay for the addition of those users, not for the addition of a new server rack that is full of equipment. If you later remove some users from the system, you no longer pays for those users. There is no paying for unused capacity.

Affordable Coordination Across Multiple Business Locations

Many businesses operate from multiple locations – including individuals working from home offices. Unlike communication solutions that require on-site equipment and maintenance, Peak ITs VOIP systems are centralized and are therefore able to treat multiple locations as if they were one unified property. For Businesses operating on a regional or national basis, interoffice communication usually accounts for a significant portion of expenditures.

Why Peak ITs VOIP Makes Sense for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Affordable Coordination Across Multiple Business Locations

The main benefit for small and medium-sized businesses that switch to a Peak ITs platform is the ability to stay lean and focused. Because Peak IT's hosted services scale so economically to even very small groups, it also stays cost-effective regardless of the size of your organization. Utilizing Peak IT's system allows smaller organizations to reduce or eliminate the need for technical support staff, freeing up resources that would be better spent on core competencies and aspects of the business that directly drive revenue.

As more and more businesses are feeling the economic pinch, there is a growing movement towards finding simpler and more cost-effective solutions to the problems that all businesses face. Thanks to advancing technology and the robustness of modern IP networks, Peak ITs hosted VOIP solutions now provide communication solutions that not only add important functionality but also reduce startup and operational costs significantly.

Peak IT can help your business eliminate the need for major on-site equipment while providing you with cutting-edge communications tools and substantially lowering your ongoing expenses. With Peak IT's VOIP solution, your business can realize astonishing cost-cutting in your communications budget. What better way to do more with less?

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