Nancy’s character and integrity are unmatched…

I highly recommend Nancy as a healthcare information technology executive or consultant for any company lucky enough to leverage her capabilities. I worked directly with Nancy for several years when she was the CIO at Mercy Medical Center in Roseburg, Oregon. Nancy’s character and integrity are unmatched. As a colleague, Nancy is collaborative, creative, and a team player. I was always impressed by her customer-centric perspective, her ability to create value from client and market-driven demand and her focus on the bottom line. Nancy is a unique individual that can help align the unique needs of technical and clinical staffs with the business needs of the institution. Nancy is an exceptional manager of people. She challenges and leads effectively to get results while empowering people and making them feel that their contributions are valued. Nancy’s style is one of building a team based on alignment and empowerment but she is fully capable of making tough decisions based on her knowledge and experience when the situation calls for it. Employees love working for her and those that have been lucky enough to do so consistently comment on the positive and productive experience they have had.

Donald Burt
MD Chief Medical Officer at Berkshire Healthcare System