What is a CMMC RPO & RP

RPOs & RPs

The Registered Practicioner Organizations (RPO) and Registered Practicioners (RP) in the CMMC ecosystem provide advice, consulting, and recommendations to their clients. They are the “implementers” and consultants, but do not conduct Certified Assessments. Any references to “non-certified” services are only referring to the fact that an RPO is not authorized to conduct a certified assessment.

A Registered Practitioner Organization (RPO) is registered with the CMMC Accreditation Board and employs an RP. Laney IT Consulting, Inc. dba Peak IT Security & Solutions is an RPO, you can find our listing on the CMMC Marketplace.

A Registered Practitioner (RP) delivers a non-certified advisory service informed by basic training on the CMMC standard.


  • A Registered Practitioner (RP) is authorized to represent as familiar with the basic constructs of the CMMC Standard
  • This Signifies that I have agreed to the CMMC-AB Code of Professional Conduct
  • Listed on the CMMC-AB Marketplace
  • Complete basic online CMMC-AB provided training
  • Passed a commercial background check

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