Virtual CISO

Your IT is OUR Business

IT complexity is a growing challenge for all businesses, from small to large. The reason is that IT is now integral to virtually every business process. Every company now needs a plan, devised by professionals, for support, security, data protection, business continuity, budgeting and long-term strategy. Though businesses increasingly leverage technology for productivity, cost savings, and competitive advantages –when it fails, the company is more vulnerable than it was in the past.

Unmanaged IT can undermine rather than advance company goals. For this reason, every business today needs the guidance of an experienced IT professional. But a full-time CIO is neither affordable nor necessary. This is the role and purpose of the vCIO. Here are some of the critical IT challenges that a Peak IT Security & Solutions vCIO will managed for your business.

Unmanaged IT can undermine your confidence in the network and your systems. Every business today needs the guidance of an experienced IT professional, but a full-time CIO is neither

IT Roadmap & Budget

The first order of business for the Peak IT Security & Solutions vCIO is to understand company goals and determine the technology gaps standing in the way. We then devise a plan, based on importance, urgency, and budget to achieve these goals.

IT Infrastructure and Operations

The technology at many businesses evolves as the business grows in an ad-hoc fashion, without leveraging industry design standards. The vCIO looks at the infrastructure design, network gear, and application systems and processes with fresh eyes and deep industry experience to reduce issues and frustration and improve productivity. When we review your maintenance contracts, we often find opportunities to reduce contract expenses. We will also review your IT Operations staffing levels, skill set, support model and provide recommendations. We have found that co-managed IT works best in some offices. You get to set the priorities without having to deal with all of the day-to-day issues and headaches.


Client security is a top priority at Peak IT Security & Solutions. We insist on following stringent industry standards and best practices to keep our clients safe from Internet intrusion, hacking, virus, malware and spam. System continuity, backup and data recovery are critical components of your company’s overall security plan. Peak IT Security & Solutions will institute best practices and raise security standards for your business.

Business Continuity & DRP

Businesses today need to identify and document mission critical processes and systems and develop detailed business continuity and disaster recovery plans to protect your organization from disruption. Peak IT Security & Solutions gives senior management visibility into resiliency risks and budget requirements and builds confidence that your organization can respond swiftly in the event of a crisis.

You Need Virtual CIO Services to Stop IT Issues from Draining Your Time and Budget.

Technology is evolving faster than most business owners and managers can keep up with. That is why today, you need a vCIO to manage all those IT headaches for you.

Owners and managers need to know that their money is buying them the best mix of technologies for their business. Often it becomes overwhelming trying to deal with the complexity of managing multiple IT vendors, while trying to also run your business. This is one of the key purposes of the vCIO is to manage your IT Vendors without all the finger pointing.

Smart businesses outsource what they can’t do best. Peak IT Security & Solutions manages every aspect of IT, from IT support to IT strategic planning, with our vCIO leading the charge.

All vCIO services are included in our standard Peak IT Security & Solutions Managed Care contract.

How Our Virtual CIO Services Remove Costly Inefficiencies

Your virtual CIO first works with your company leaders to determine if your technology is in line with your business goals:


We begin with identifying your immediate challenges and issues that are interrupting business operations. Understanding your business goals, we resolve issues and stabilize your environment to maximize staff productivity.


Then we identify workflow and system integration opportunities. Which systems can be improved? Which systems can be gotten rid of or replaced? What training is needed?

We will develop a road map of IT recommendations and action plan for the next 18-24 months that will support the business growth opportunities.

Budget & Expenses

As we develop your IT budget for the coming year, we take a deep dive into the contracts to identify overlap and services/options that can be reduced. If requested, we will evaluate staffing levels, skill set, and IT tools for opportunity to improve operational performance and reduce expenses.

Regular reports about network health, systems, usage, support statistic, and other IT performance metrics key to your business.

With our virtual CIO consulting services, you will both identify and remove the IT issues that are draining your energy and preventing your business from reaching its revenue goals. Instead, with a combination of planning support, visibility, and technical guidance, your IT will become an asset in generating profit.

Are You Happy with the Level of Strategic Direction You’re Getting from Your IT Department?

Peak IT Security & Solutions brings over 25 years of strategic IT planning experience to help you design, implement, and maintain a world class IT system at an efficient cost.

Through Peak IT Security & Solutions, your company will draw on the following strengths:

  • Keep all of your hardware and software up to date with the latest patches and hotfixes to keep you efficient and secure
  • Leverage 25+ years of IT strategic planning experience
  • Provide you with an 18-month IT Roadmap each year
  • Deal with all your IT headaches and issues, leaving you to do what you are good at and passionate about: running your business.